I mentioned in a recent blog about Border Force intercepting a yacht and bringing it into Newlyn harbour where it was searched and at one point the whole harbour was shut down due to a suspicious package having been found. Well I have just read an update in www.falmouthpacket.co.uk  on how after the all clear was given by a Navy EOD team the search continued and they found two tonnes of cocaine wrapped in plastic bagging in a compartment below the decking area at the rear of the boat! They said it was one of the largest seizures of class A drugs ever in the UK with a potential street value likely to be in the hundreds of millions!!

It was part of a joint operation led by the National Crime Agency (NCA) involving Border Force, National Maritime Intelligence Centre in the UK and partners in Lisbon, Portugal, France and the Netherlands. Rod Lawson, Head of Border Forces Protection Squadron said …”this is a testament to the multi-agency approach we take to secure the UK’s border and territorial waters”. Lets hope they continue to get results like this. Two Dutch men are in custody and will appear in Bristol Crown Court on August 20th.

Some more successful multiagency teamwork bringing something unusual into harbour also happened recently on August 3rd when a huge tree trunk was escorted into Porthleven harbour after it was found floating off the coast! The tree was found by a local fisherman. He alerted Falmouth Coastguard who contacted the Coastguards at Porthleven and the Lizard Lifeboat who both worked alongside Harbour Master and a local fishing boat to bring it into the inner harbour where it was tethered up safely. It would have been a real hazard to any boat. I read about this in www.falmouthpacket.co.uk  as well. Below are a couple of great photos of Porthleven showing the harbour, taken by Clive Orange of Clive Orange Photography, a recent guest at the Cellars.



A fun fundraising event for the Lizard Lifeboat took place yesterday at Landewednack School in Lizard village. During the morning Big Cornish breakfasts were cooked and served by members of the station’s fund raising committee. Last year they cooked 155 breakfasts and raised over £1000.


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