Lizard Lives is a monthly booklet that is delivered to Lizard Households and it is very informative and interesting booklet. Not only does it say what is going on in the village and the lifeboat station etc but it also has contributions from villagers including some older villagers describing their time at the Lloyds Signal station, or the Lifeboat station or Bass Point coastguard watch etc. A lady from the village, Sue is behind the booklet and she has does a great job. One of the articles in the May edition was about Helford River’s new community initiative, Plastic Free Helford River.

There is a group of residents, businesses and organisations behind this plastic free initiative who are trying hard to reduce the consumption of single use plastics as they were increasingly concerned about the amount of plastic pollution that was ending up in the Helford river. They also organise regular clean ups of the river. In April 30 local volunteers picked up 1310 individual pieces of rubbish! Well done them!

The Helford river is lovely, such a contrast to the rugged coastline of the Lizard. Definitely worth a visit. And great there is this initiative to keep it clean of rubbish and reduce use of plastic in the area.

Three local businesses have been nominated by the group as Plastic Free Helford Heroes: Gweek Seal Sanctuary, the Gweek Boatyard café and the Burdock Vean Hotel who have all apparently made big changes to their single use plastic footprint which is great to hear. These are all places we have yet to visit.

The Plastic Free Helford River Community Group is part of a Cornwall wide initiative started by the Surfers against Sewage. Surfers Against Sewage was set up in May 1990 by surfers fed up with seeing sewage in our seas and beaches and getting ill from being in the sea. As a result of their campaigning and EU legislation, the UK has seen massive investment in the sewage infrastructure. Apparently today 98.5% of our beaches meet the minimum bathing water standards and in 1990 this would have been just 27%. This is an incredible increase and is very comforting!  I did not realise the waters were so bad back then.

Today the priority vision for The Surfers Against Sewage group is for Plastic Free Coastlines. Apparently between 2002 and 2012 more plastic has been produced than in the whole human history! So it is no surprise that we have a plastic pollution crisis in our oceans. As they say on their website “this is our new sewage”. It is worth visiting their website to see what they do and what can be done.

The Helford river sailing club emailed me to say could I let people know about their Holiday membership offer to visitors outside Cornwall which is for two weeks in a year for £50 for 2 adults and their children. For this you can have the use of the pontoon, the slipway and all the clubhouse facilities including bar, restaurant and showers. They have a huge terrace overlooking the Helford – see the picture above. I have not managed to visit the sailing club yet but it sounds nice and I do like their founding objective “to encourage generally messing around in boats in a seamanlike manner”. Their phone number is 01326 231460.

Finally just to mention some guests who were staying at the Cellars had a son Benjamin drew a RNLI flag picture and took it to the Lifeboat station to give it to them.They were very pleased to receive it and  they pinned it up on the wall of the crew room and gave him a personal tour of the lifeboat. It was the highlight of his holiday his mother told me! I am so pleased they did that as it cost them nothing and it made his holiday.

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