This weekend we met a couple just up the coastal path from the Cellars and started chatting to them.  They said filming for Poldark had been happening at Church Cove Gunwalloe last week.  Andrew had heard from a local that some filming had been going on there as there were lots of caravans but the local was not sure if it was Poldark.  So it was!  The lady said she even saw Aiden Turner in a car going through Gunawalloe where they live.

I did some googling and found a wedding scene that was being filmed (I won’t say whose wedding) so may be that was taking place at the lovely little church very close to the beach at Church Cove Gunwalloe.   Doctor Enys and Caroline Penvenen were married there in series 2.  Filming has now finished for series 5 which is a shame as there is now no chance of running into them! 

Apparently series 5 will be the last and it will be televised next year. Shame!  We had already said before we heard about the filming, we should go back to Church Cove Gunwalloe as it is a lovely beach and it does not face East.  Because this weekend there has been and still is a very strong easterly. The Cellars faces due East so we are getting the brunt of the wind and the cove has been like a washing machine as you can see below.

So on Sunday with the strong wind and sun we went over to Church Cove Gunwalloe.  Despite not facing east the surf was huge and the strong winds created a huge spray coming off the waves. The combination was very dramatic as you can see below with some photos we took.

The previous day on the Saturday we walked to Lizard Point and had a great coffee and a tasty bap at the Wavecrest café.   The owners renovated the café in March this year including putting in toilets. It has all been very nicely done as you can see below. They have some lovely pictures hanging round the café made of wood and a huge one in front of the counter.  They are all made by Stephen Bowater.


Plus a very big plus point is the café has fantastic views as you can see in the picture below especially on a windy day.

While we were at Lizard Point I also bought a couple of lovely Christmas presents at Mungo Lils a great little shop there. They have some lovely things including glass jewellery, ornaments and pictures they make themselves. Definitely worth a combined visit with Wavecrest cafe but do check all their opening hours over the winter. Finally another photo we took from Lizard Point showing the waves and the wind.

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